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Tender Title: RFP Land lease Related to Boat Tour Operations at Niagara Falls Gorge

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The NPC would like to thank those Proponents who indicated their interest in proceeding with the RFP process by submitting the Notice of Intention to Respond Form and executing the required Non-Disclosure Agreement within the prescribed timeframe. Any further relevant information regarding the RFP will be provided directly to the above-noted Proponents who continue to have standing in the RFP process.

This Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is an invitation to prospective Proponents to submit Proposals for the Land Lease related to Boat Tour operations at the Niagara Falls gorge.  This RFP is issued by The Niagara Parks Commission (the “NPC”).

The NPC mission is to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of Niagara Falls and the Niagara River corridor for the enjoyment of visitors while maintaining financial self-sufficiency.  The NPC is a world-class tourism destination and gateway to Ontario.  The NPC properties include public parkland, historic sites, golf courses, picnic grounds, restaurants and retail outlets, a School of Horticulture, Botanical Gardens, Butterfly Conservatory, other attractions, a recreation trail and other visitor amenities.  The NPC helps to attract 10-12 million visitors to the Niagara area annually.

One of the tourist activities is the world renowned boat tour of Niagara Falls.  The current Boat Tour Service consists of a passenger tour of the Niagara River and gorge which takes passengers from the dock area on the Canadian side of the Niagara River to the base of the Horseshoe Falls and back.

An important requirement in this RFP is the safety of passengers and the boat tour operations including upholding marine safety standards at all time.  In this RFP, proponents must outline their approach to the boat tour including services, experiences offered, and cost to the visitor as well as the financial compensation to NPC.
This is a complex RFP with numerous deliverables associated with the boat tour service.   Interested bidders should review all deliverables carefully to ensure they can meet or exceed all of the mandatory requirements.