Shoreline Docks

P1000781The Niagara Parks Commission is responsible for the maintenance of 1,325 hectares of parkland, stretching some 56 kilometres along the length of the Niagara River (Canadian side) from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

Due to the increasing number of homes which had been developed adjacent to NPC lands along the Niagara River, a formal dock policy was established by the Commission in 1941.  A key condition of this policy stipulates that any and all docks approved by NPC must be designed to be temporary in nature and be removed prior to winter, to prevent possible ice related damage to both the docks and NPC shoreline.

Today, docks are still permitted through an annual Shoreline Dock Licence process.  Dock licences are awarded based on the criteria of the Shoreline Dock Terms and Conditions guidelines.

If you live along the Niagara Parkway and would like more information about docks and how to obtain a licence, please submit an email to

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